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Spring Break Adult Camp 2017

DL Hockey is excited to offer a four day adult hockey experience for Spring Break 2017.


All adult players are welcome; those who participate in the intermediate and advanced scrimmages are encouraged to attend. Practices will accommodate both skill levels.

Goalies: Derek Gustafson will be coaching the goalies on the ice and will work with all goalies before practice during the hockey theory discussions to talk about angles, positioning and other goalie speciIic topics.


The four day camp will focus on skill development and educating players with drills they can work on to improve their game. We will also take a look at the system aspect of hockey. Players will learn about how the game works and how the Iive players on the ice work together offensively and defensively to make the game more fun.


On-Ice practices will take place at the Winterhawks Skating Centre Monday March 27th – Thursday March 30th from 8:20pm to 9:35pm. We will have two Hockey Theory discussions before we hit the ice Monday and Wednesday. We ask that players be ready in their gear 40 minutes before practice for these discussions, players will have 5 minutes after the theory session to tie skates and prepare for practice. We will have two Off-Ice sessions that will take place before we hit the ice Tuesday and Thursday; we will meet at the SportsPlex before practice at 7:00pm and workout for approximately 45minutes before heading back to the rink to prepare for practice. Please bring a stick and gloves to these sessions.


DL Hockey Spring Break 2017 is $325 per player. We ask that all payments be

made at the Iirst day of camp by check.

Contact to register

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